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Saturday, August 27, 2005

WORDS OF STEEL: Steel Magnolias is a classic film and a favorite in my house.
Sure, many would call it a chick flick, I don't care because I liked it, too. This 1989 drama with a southern flair for comedy garnered (at least) one major Academy Award nomination for Julia Roberts as Best Supporting Actress. It was her first major film role and she shined like a true southern belle. The story is part drama, part comedy, part tragedy, detailing the turbulent relationship between a Lousiana mother and her grown daughter, along with the support they receive from four other strong southern women who all frequent the same beauty salon. Steel Magnolias featured a stellar cast as Roberts was joined by Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis and Darryl Hanah. This movie will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you think. And it deserved much more praise than it got, if for no other reason than the assortment of classic quotes from the film. Here are just a few of my favorites, with more to come in future posts:

Dolly Parton (Truvy): "If you can achieve puberty, you can achieve a past."

Julia Roberts (Shelby): "I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."

Darryl Hannah (Annelle): "My personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair."

Shirley MacLaine (Ouiser): "He is a boil on the butt of humanity."

Please put your own "me" in media, and tell me what you think.


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At 11:06 PM, Blogger THIRDWAVEDAVE said...

Hey, I liked the movie too. I have it on dvd and have seen it a dozen times. Classic.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Mrs. Media Matters said...

Great lines, I love that movie too! I have seen it a lot and it makes me cry at the same spots all the time

At 11:11 AM, Blogger kitty said...

Actually, I believe Roberts' '88 movie Mystic Pizza was her first major role.

I loved Steel Magnolias. The fabulous quotes are endless! Like this:
Truvy: I kind of like hiring somebody with a past.
Clairee: She can't be more than eighteen. She hasn't had time to have a past.
Truvy: Oh get with it, Clairee. This is the eighties. If you can achieve puberty, you can achieve a past.


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