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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Satisfying Soul Surfer

I recently watched the film "Soul Surfer."  I really enjoyed it. It is another current example of a major Hollywood type film that effectively touches on Christian themes, or atleast treats the character's faith with respect. This film, now out on DVD, features the story of Christian teen Bethany Hamilton, an amateur surfer in Hawaii. She was attacked by a shark and lost one of her arms. She had t...o learn to surf, and go through all of life for that matter, with one less limb. This movie humbles you and reminds you to be grateful to God for all that you have. As a parent, it would serve as a great teachable moment for teenagers who are pouting or complaining about all that they don't have (a new phone, a date to the dance, a car, etc.) I find it interesting that more and more non-Christian actors (at least to my knowledge) are taking roles in this genre of films. For example, in "Soul Surfer," Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt play the mom and dad, and Craig T. Nelson stars as the doctor. I would highly recommend the film. Watch it with your entire family! Stay tuned during the credits to see real home movies of Bethany surfing, doing chores after her injury, and sharing her faith in front of thousands. Inspiring!


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