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Friday, July 20, 2012


On a day when the nation is mourning the loss of many in the Batman movie massacre in Colorado, I thought I might share a true story of love to lift our spirits. This weekend my wife and I are celebrating the 9th anniversary of our first date. But this story begins before that.

It was 2002. I was starring in a local TV commercial. In the ad I shave my head to look like NBA star Mike Bibby. At the time Bibby played for the Sacramento Kings. It proved to be a humorous and popular spot and it aired during every televised Kings game.  My wife Stephanie, who was a big Kings fan, watched most of the games. The first time she saw the ad she thought it was hilarious. She called her best friend on the phone and said "I could marry that guy" about me.  Mind you, we had never met.

Jump ahead one year to 2003. My best friends bought me a subscription to Yahoo personals. This was my first venture into online dating. Low and behold who is one of the first women to write to my profile? You guessed it, Stephanie. But at the time she didn't recognize me from the TV commercial because by then all my hair had thankfully grown back. We hit it off immediately and after exchanging about 3 emails we began to talk on the phone. In our first phone conversation I told her that I was in the Sacramento Kings TV commercial. She seriously dropped the phone when I told her that. Stephanie then told me the story of the conversation she had with her best friend back in 2002 when she first saw the commercial: "I could marry that guy." Later her best friend confirmed that the story was true.

So we were meant to be together. And a TV commercial and online dating brought us together. Nine years ago this weekend we met in person and had our first date. We were married 8 months later in 2004. And we are celebrating our 8th year of marriage and we have a wonderful son who is the icing on the cake. Stephanie and I and our love life is proof that God works in mysterious (and miraculous) ways His wonders to perform.


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