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I am a media professional with 6 years as a TV producer and reporter, and college professor in the field of Communications. I am also a Conservative with a passion for pop culture. This will be my attempt to put the "me" in media. It will be my take on movies, TV, books, magazines, newspapers, the Internet and all that is the worldwide media.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


When you write a blog day after day, you hope that your efforts are being rewarded with readers. So far, this blog hasn't really taken off.

However, I also have a blogging outlet at It has been a blessing from God to have a creative outlet that people are actually reading. I hope it can continue. Please check out the two columns of mine they have posted thus far:

"NY Jets: Mark Sanchez Channeling His Inner Tebow."

"Dallas Cowboys: Orton Brings Drama to Big D."

Or you can always just go to my Contributor page.

My wife and I love the NFL football season. Hopefully this year we will love the season even more as we follow along on Join us!


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