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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


During this period of unemployment I have been applying for a number of ministry openings. Many of them require that I submit my personal testimony in writing. This is what I have been including with my application:

I grew up in a Christian home and have had the opportunity to attend church and learn about God all of my life. I accepted Christ as my personal savior at age 7 while at Jennings Lodge church camp.

My faith was an important part of my life throughout my teen years. I had the chance to develop my ministry and leadership skills as president of my church’s high school youth group. I continued my walk with Christ while attending a 4-year Christian college.

In my professional life I have grown in my faith under the wise counsel of two Christian supervisors, most notably Anne Jeffers, who was my mentor and boss during my 6-year tenure at Corban University in the 1990s.

Currently I attend Trinity Life Center church in Sacramento, California. I have been active in drama ministry at Trinity.

Since 2009 I have also served as a Board Member for Pregnancy Support Group (PSG), a non-profit ministry that is committed to providing positive alternatives to abortion. We actively seek to lead men and women in crisis pregnancy situations to a life of sexual abstinence until marriage, and to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I desire to return to full time ministry.


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