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I am a media professional with 6 years as a TV producer and reporter, and college professor in the field of Communications. I am also a Conservative with a passion for pop culture. This will be my attempt to put the "me" in media. It will be my take on movies, TV, books, magazines, newspapers, the Internet and all that is the worldwide media.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hey guys I am going to put myself out there and ask for some help today. I remember saying I would do that three months ago when I wrote on Facebook I had been laid off. I think God's design is for the husband and father to be the spiritual head of the household and at least a significant contributor to the family's financial needs. Right now that is not happening. God is meeting our needs. And I am thankful for that. I'm just not earning my keep. You can be an encouragement to me in one of two ways:
1) Pray that God would move. And pray for my FB friends who are also looking for work -- Randy, James, James and others. Ideally I would love a writing job that allows me to work from home and still be able to walk Parker to and from school every day, and be home with him after school. He requires a lot of special care and I love being the one to give it to him. That is the ideal. Please know I have been applying for other types of jobs, including ones that would require Parker to go to after school care.
2) I am enjoying doing a lot of writing. Right now, it is all volunteer and I am not getting paid for it. Please visit my stories that I have posted  at More traffic and more comments are a real help in a tangible way. And they want us to use social media to drive up traffic. So I am not doing anything unusual by asking for your help. Thanks for hearing me out. God bless. Here is a link to my articles:


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