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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dancing with the (Sports) Stars

The sports world has invaded my mom’s favorite TV show. Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews is Tom Bergeron’s co-host on Dancing with the Stars. She’s the one interviewing the B-list and has-been celebrities after they exhaust themselves on the dance floor. I have never been a big fan of Erin’s, at least not her attempts to entertain outside of sports. I saw her guest co-host a couple of times with Michael Strahan on Live with Kelly and Michael while Kelly Ripa vacationed. Her attempts at humor fell flat and I did not find her stories engaging. I thought she did well during her live post-game interview with Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman when he acted like a thug. She maintained her composure and tried to get more information out of an out of control Sherman. Maybe that ability to handle the pressure of a live interview is necessary when you are standing next to a sweaty Snooki or Charo.

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