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Friday, April 28, 2017

Married to a Broncos Fanatic

On any given day, my wife will wear her vintage John Elway jersey with her Denver Broncos socks. She will accessorize that with her Broncos earrings and purse. Inside her purse is her makeup bag emblazoned with the Broncos logo. And before she got dressed she will have brushed her teeth with her Denver Broncos toothbrush and dried off with her Broncos beach towel.
When everything you touch in order to get ready for your day reminds you of your favorite NFL team you know you are a football FANatic. My wife is one of those fans. For more than 25 years she has faithfully fawned over her favorite team.
Now, in many marriages one might assume the husband is an avid NFL follower and the wife may or may not share in her husband's football fandom. But in our household, though always a football watcher, when I married my wife I definitely also married her pigskin passion for the Broncos.
While every room in our house has some Broncos influence, the office is decked out all in Denver decor. I am typing this article in a swivel office chair with the Broncos logo. I can keep my writing notes in a Broncos folder. Each wall is covered with Denver decorations, from blankets to bags to bumper stickers. Oh and board games, too.
Of course the jewel in her crown is the large curio cabinet filled to the brim with Broncos memorabilia. Boy did I score some brownie points when I bought her that for Christmas one year! She's got coffee mugs and key chains and anything else you can imagine. As the old saying goes, “everything but the kitchen sink.” She'd have that too if they made one.
If there is an item with a Denver Broncos trademark on it she either has it or wants it. Broncos inspired clothing that she can’t wear she foists upon her husband or son. I joke with her that I could put a Broncos sticker on a dead opossum and she would find a place to display it. I am still waiting for her to buy Denver sheets so she can say she sleeps with the Broncos.
Along with Elway merchandise, she has a Terrell Davis doll and Tim Tebow magazines. Whenever workmen come to the house to do repairs they automatically assume the collection is mine. I admit to loving the team,  yet I have to own up to the fact that my wife runs the museum.
There are no official visiting hours yet for the museum, but trust me, the collection keeps growing. Just this morning my Bronco-loving bride reminded me of a certain Denver emboldened item that she wants for Christmas. If she keeps this up, we’re going to need a bigger house.

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