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Friday, April 14, 2017

Reader Quotes

Here’s what 10 different readers who bought the book have to say about my first novel, The Homeless Informant.

1.      “ 1. "Loving your book.” – Janie 

22. “Your book was a hit -- I loved it and read it in 2 days. Hope you write more soon.” – Alice

33. “It's soooo good.” – Carla 

44. “The price is WAY too low!!! It makes it seem like there must be something wrong with it. I would have paid regular price of at least 9.99 or more!! I LOVED IT!!” – JoLynn

55. “I am in the middle of chapter 9 and I can't stop reading!!!!” – Robert 

66.  “I really enjoyed reading this book. It flowed well and enjoyed the character development. I liked the positive message it provided.” – Anita

77. “This is a five star book. Could not stop reading it. Hope to read more from this author.” – Jan 

88. “Very well written. Good job. Enjoyed reading.” – Tina 

99.  “Enjoyed your book. Hope it becomes a best seller.” – Dell 

110. “I thought it was great.  It was a very easy read and you had many different twists interwoven into it.  It reminded me of Courageous, and almost has the feel of a movie script.  Don't stop writing!  You have a gift for it.” – Kristi 

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